WLTX 19 Internships


The internship program at WLTX-TV is designed to allow a student to augment their classroom work by gaining experience through participation in real-world television station operations. Internships are limited but can be available in the following areas – News, Sports, Weather, Web/Social Media, Sales and Marketing. Students will learn about the television industry from the inside which proves extremely valuable when applying for positions within the industry.

Student Internship Requirements

  • Internships at WLTX are paid, and average 5-20 hours per week. 
  •  Students must be sponsored by and receive credit from an accredited college and be at least junior or senior level. (Special arrangements can be made for a student in a lower level if meeting other criteria and department approval.) 
  • Students must have prior written approval from a school professor, counselor, or Internship Coordinator. 
  •  Internships usually mirror the school semester and last a minimum of three months. 
  • Students should be pursuing communications, journalism/speech, business degrees or other related coursework for the department of internship. 
  • Must have a 3.0 GPA or higher. 
  • Must be familiar with current news events. 
  • Interns will be required to take a pre-employment drug screening and pass a background check. 

How to Apply

All candidates can submit their resume and complete the applications process by going to WLTX’s job website.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: July 15th
Spring Semester: November 15th
Summer Semester:April 15th

Because of the time it will take to conduct interviews and do pre-employment screening, all interns should be accepted and cleared for employment the semester before their internship will take place. Applications received after the deadline may not be considered.

Please do not submit applications more than one month prior to deadlines.


We do not have a volunteer program. Applicants must meet the above requirements for consideration.


A limited number of High School shadowing opportunities are available. The contact for shadowing is the same as for internships. We do not have a program for college students to shadow our staff.